Valley Of The Gods - September 2021

Exclusive Valley Of The Gods Slot Review

Some say the survivors from the sunken world of Atlantis, built the magical land of Egypt, where the mighty gods like Horus and Anubis reigned supreme – a theme that awaits you in Yggdrasil's Valley of the Gods slot. Released in 2017, Valley of the Gods slot's iconic Egyptian theme, honours some the coolest video slots that have been seen through the ages, in casinos and arcades across the world. The game features a range of mysterious bonuses that can payout up to x5800 your bet, should you be blessed from the afterlife. Master the game with our Valley of the Gods slot review.

where to play Valley Of The Gods for real

where to play Valley Of The Gods for real

100% up to €100. Min deposit €10 + 100 Free Spins
100% up to €100 + 300 free spins
Receive Five Deposit Bonuses and 200 Free Spins!





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Valley Of The Gods Overview

Valley of the Gods overview

Valley of the Gods slot is the original game in a series of Egyptian themed games by Yggdrasil – with the second slot, Valley of the Gods II, released in 2020. If you're a sucker for the mystery of the Pharaohs and the riddles of the sands, then this game's magical look, mid-level volatility and intriguing features, will leave you feeling satisfied, every time you play. While Valley of the Gods II is really starting to trend – you might want to rise from your sarcophagus start your journey with this original hit, which has a maximum payout up to €580,000.


Slot type

Valley of the Gods is a five reel feature slot with five rows and a vast 45 – 3125 payline structure – set amidst a regal Egyptian slotscape. Every spin sees the reels move with a unique grace and style, backed by sacred adventure music – with the magical Scarab beetles having the potential to light-up spins and trigger divine features and big wins. With 10 base game symbols – Valley of the Gods is a slot that's full of surprises and variety.


RTP levels & base game payouts

Valley of the Gods slot has a return to player level of 96.2% - delivering fair slot sessions when you try your luck on the game. In terms of random chance, Valley of the Gods has a volatility rating of 67 – which technically gives it a mid-rating when it comes to consistency (as a comparison, it's a bit higher in terms of volatility, compared to a game like Vikings Go Berzerk, but lower than a slot such as Medusa Fortune & Glory). In reality, the game will typically give you good value slot sessions if you play a decent number of consistent spins, such as 200+ spins x €0.20 per session. Thanks to a base game hit rate that averages out at 22.8%, the machine typically hits a winning combo, more than twice every 10 spins.

Base game payouts are gained by spinning combinations of 3, 4 or 5 of the same symbols on active paylines. The four Egyptian characters (Anubis, Horus, Anput and Ebros) are the High Paying symbols, with rewards ranging from x25 to x500. The six Low Paying hieroglyph symbols, payout between x6 and x40. Anubis and Hors are the most powerful symbols when it comes to payout potential.


Bonus rounds

Like all good Egyptian relics - Valley of the Gods slot is full of surprises, mystery and some bonus secrets to unlock if you get lucky. The intriguing payline format in the game, elicits an array of features that can be triggered on every individual spin, or by stacking-up spins during a session, to unlock the powerful bonuses. Players don't need any skill to enjoy the full bonus potential of Valley of the Gods, so you can instantly start playing without any fear of making mistakes that rob you of luck. However, you'll enjoy the game more and feel more at ease, if you get familiar with all the bonus features before having a spin.


One of the coolest features of Valley of the Gods, is that every winning spin triggers the Respins feature. This bonus rewards you with a free spin that automatically spins after your win – and keeps on re-spinning until you lose. On hot Respins, you can potentially stack-up multiple wins, all from one triggering bet. The Valley of the Gods Respins play-out using your trigger bet size.


Another core feature of the base game spins and Respins bonus, is the Destroying Blockers feature – with 12  Golden Scarab beetle blockers, hiding some reel positions. Whenever you spin a winning combination, you'll release a Golden Scarab and destroy the cover hiding the reel position. If you hit lucky spin clusters, you can destroy all the blockers and pray that the red or blue Scarab beetles, flock to the gods on the side of the slot screen, activating two powerful bonuses.


The first bonus gained from destroying all the blocks, is the Win Multiplier which awards you a x2 win multiplier. Scarabs will emerge from winning blue, teal or green symbols – with every five blue Scarabs boosting your win multiplier by x1 in the next Respin.


The second bonus awarded for destroying all the blocks, is the Lives feature – with one extra life awarded instantly. Scarabs will appear after winning red, orange, purple or pink symbols – with every five red Scarabs increasing your Lives by x1. Every extra life collected, with sustain you for another Respin – meaning you can keep the free spins going for a long time if you hit a lucky session.

When your Respin bonuses end, your total win is paid-out – and the 12 blockers are reset.

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Quick Game Info

Release Date August 24, 2017
Game Type Video Slot
Lines Up to 3125 ways to win
Max RTP 96.2%
Volatility 67
Maximum Win 580,000

How To Play Valley Of The Gods

Valley of the Gods' 'Blockers' concept, means that the reels can look a bit daunting for new players. Although in truth, the game is very easy to play and requires no real skill beyond selecting the right bet level. Newbies can get up-to-speed with our Valley of the Gods playing tips...


Spinning for wins on Valley of the Gods

If you want the on-the-go Valley of the Gods playing guide then use these four tips:

  1. Choose your spin value size by clicking the coin button
  2. Click the golden spin icon in the centre of the game screen
  3. See if you get any winning combo's and Respins
  4. Spin again or adjust your bet 

Betting levels & payline activation

The betting options on Valley of the Gods is very wide, with 27 coin sizes (€0.004 – €4.00) offering spins from €0.10 to €100.00. You can change the bet size by simply clicking on the + / - tabs on the Coin button to the left side of the game's interface. Every new session of Valley of the Gods, starts with 43 paylines and expands to as many as 3125 if all the Scarab blocks are progressively removed. The default bet is set as €1.50 when you first open to game – so be sure to adjust the coin size if desired. Payouts are based on your bet, with the maximum spin level having the potential to payout up to €580000.



Valley of the Gods slot can be customised to your gaming style, by clicking on the the Settings button (the Orange gear cog icon at the bottom left of the screen). Under the Audio options, you can chance the sound level and adjust the ambient sound and effects. Under Visuals, you can slide the speed dial to rev-up or slow down the spin rate. The Auto Play options are also useful, with the chance to stop spins using different criteria, including after your bank goes down to a certain level (great for sticking to your session budget).


Understanding game symbols & base game payouts

When it comes to symbols and base game wins, Valley of the Gods is loaded with an impressive array of 10 symbols, split into High and Low paying icons. The stars of the screen are the four Egyptian deities - Anubis, Horus, Anput and Ebros. Spinning combinations of 3-5 of the same symbol, will give you payouts ranging from x25 to x500. Anubis and Horus, two famous faces from the Dynasties of ancient Egypt, are the most valuable icons. The six Low value symbols include icons such as the Eye of Horus, Amulets, Ankh, Ibis bird and Bastet cats – with rewards from x6 – x40 for spinning  3-5 symbols.


Bonus rounds

Valley of the Gods slot has exciting bonus rounds, which you can start enjoying, as soon as you load-up a session and spin. The bonuses are highly animated, with cool sound effects adding to the game's intrinsic value:


Respins: Every winning spin triggers an automatic Respin. Respins continue until you lose.


Destroying Blockers: Winning spins remove one or more of 12 Golden Scarabs, revealing more symbol spaces and paylines. If you manage to destroy all the blockers, you'll trigger the Win Multipliers and Lives features.


Win Multipliers: With the blocks destroyed, Respins start with a x2 win multiplier, with every five  blue Scarabs appearing, awarding you an extra x1 multiplier.


Lives: If you remove all the blocks, you'll also start the Respins with a x1 extra life, giving you another Respin if you lose. Five red, orange, purple or pink Scarabs, will give you x1 extra Lives whenever they occur during the Respin feature.


Strategy tips

Getting lucky on Valley of the Gods slot could reward high rollers with up to €580000 – but it's all down to random chance! When it comes to strategy, while there's no magical winning system, you can play smart and think about your budget, session limit, and bet size - to create value and boost your chances of triggering the most powerful bonus features. To get the most from the game, you'll want to ensure your budget gets you lots of spins in a session, particularly because you need to try and get rid of the Scarab blockers on the reels, which can take some time. So, rather than try and get lucky with 10 spins – it could be wise to use a spin size that's likely to help you hit at least 200 spins per session. Just be sure to set your session limit to a size that you're comfortable with using for fun.

Conclusions About Valley Of The Gods

Valley of the Gods has become one of Yggdrasil's most popular slot games – retaining it's popularity despite the release of other games themed on ancient Egypt – such as Tut's Twister, and Valley of the Gods II.


This game has a special vibe, with a  magical spiritual atmosphere that plays-out like a fantasy movie – inclusive of dramatic sounds and animated interaction. If you love the mystery surrounding the land of Egypt – then a session on Valley of the Gods is sure to leave you feeling like you're inside the Giza pyramids, whether you're playing on desktop or mobile.


Thanks to 10 base game symbols, featuring Egyptian gods and elegant Hieroglyphs, Valley of the Gods serves-up an animated slot adventure, with intuitively satisfying on-screen action and bonus triggers.


Valley of the Gods can be played with 27 coin sizes, creating bets from €0.20 to €100 per spin, creating a big win potential up to €580,000 for the very rare max stakes player. The one downside of Valley of the Gods, was the wait for a sequel! But the wait is now over, with the release of Valley of the Gods II in 2020, offering new adventures if you ever get bored of the original.

FAQs about the Valley of the Gods

FAQs about the Valley of the Gods
Valley of the Gods has the potential to payout wins up to x5800 your bet. At the max bet level of €100 this means the slot has a maximum win of €580000! All wins are based on your selected coin/bet size. Only play with a bet level and budget that you are afford to spend having fun.
The RTP level of Valley of the Gods is 96.2% and the game has a mid-range in terms of volatility. This means that typically, Valley of the Gods offers good value slot sessions if you use a consistent and sensible bet level.
Yes, you can opt for spin Valley of the Gods for free at some of the web's leading casinos and slot sites. Alternatively, try our free Valley of the Gods demo game, or claim a welcome bonus and spin for free using the casino's cash.
Periodically, you might find some free spin bonuses for Valley of the Gods slot. However, you'll usually need to claim a regular casino bonus and then get your free spins using the rewards. You can also get free spins on our Valley of the Gods free spin demo – but the spins aren't worth any real money!